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click here for a list of EVPA Presidents, starting in 1881

1960'S - EVPA helps to halt the building of a Market Street freeway tributary, the construction of which would have devastated the scale and atmosphere of the neighborhood.

1970'S - EVPA participates in the creation of the Seward Street Mini park. This unique and charming neighborhood park boasts one of the longest curved concrete slides. San Francisco artist and sculptor, Ruth Asawa involved neighborhood children in creation of annual plaques installed at the park.

EVPA members participate in developing new Muni routes which provided for the first time cross-town Muni routes which still ease movement between communities without having to run into town and back out to reach desired destinations.

EVPA receives the award of a Federal Bicentennial Neighborhood Block Grant for its participation in the bicentennial neighborhood street fair.   This money was used to provide new murals and trash containers in the neighborhood.

1980'S - EVPA actively participates in meetings with S.F. Police Force representatives to promote expanded consciousness for police officers regarding neighborhood concerns and issues in the wake of the riot which occurred after Harvey Milk was assassinated by Dan White.

1982 - EVPA sponsors the construction of a new Eureka Valley news-vending kiosk, still in place at the northwest corner of Castro and eighteenth street.

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