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Eureka Valley Improvement Association, December 1909.   

Photo Courtesy of SF, CA Public Library


 November newsletter

Next meeting:

Thursday, November 15, 7:30pm

Eureka Valley Rec Center,

18th Street & Collingwood

Click here for information on Pink Triangle Park and Memorial



1.  To work for the advancement of our community.

2.  To encourage the continued improvement of the neighborhood its homes, shops and businesses.

3.  To improve transportation, and private and public utility services.

4.  To secure the best possible schools, efficient fire and police protection, health conditions and adequate traffic regulations.

5.  To promote all matters of civic betterment, district, city and area, singly, or in concert with other associations.

BOUNDARIES:  The boundaries of this Association for its sphere of action shall be the district within Dolores Street on the East Side, 22nd Street on the South Side, Twin Peaks on the West Side, and Duboce Avenue on the North Side.

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2007 Eureka Valley Promotion Association | Historic photos courtesy of S.F. Public Library Historical Photo Collection