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We are The Eureka Valley Promotion Association (EVPA). Our name reflects our long history, dating back to 1881, when the neighborhood was named for the northern peak (Eureka Peak) of the twins in whose afternoon shadow we lie. At our heart is the world-famous Castro District.

For 120 years, our members have been working to make this neighborhood a great place to live. Back then, we were  trying to build greater public awareness of an area that was considered "the country". In more recent years, we have lobbied for a tunnel through Twin Peaks, fought the conversion of our section of Market Street into a freeway, and helped preserve Kite Hill as an Open Space.  Click here for more about our recent history

Today, we strive to preserve the unique character of our diverse neighborhood while maintaining a balance between prospering business and residential livability.

Some of our recent projects are:

Building coalition with other neighborhoods and groups around common concerns.

Promoting neighborhood beautification projects: plantings, clean-up days, etc.

Advocating our position to City departments, such as Planning, Rec and Park, Parking and Traffic, Street Use, etc

Fighting the invasion of fast food and retail chain stores

Refining of Area S Residential Parking Permit boundaries and hours to better service residents

EVPA decides what issues to address based on the needs and concerns of our members. We invite you to be part of our effort to keep The Sunny Heart of San Francisco a wonderful neighborhood.

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