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September 2000 Vol. 119, No. 9


  • Proposed CUP for 2362 Market (old Under one Roof)-Proposal by Long Life Noodle to open a large full service restaurant in over 3,000 sq. ft. Hearing in late October.

  • Proposed CUP for 470 Castro (Valley Pride)-Pleasure Chest wishes to open a branch location of their 'sex toys and videos' store.

  • Request for Variance-John Hughes to present plans for backyard variance at his property on Ford Street.

  • Updates on: MUNI Tunnels, 2500 Market CUP, 4515A 18th St. CUP


Highlights from EVPA August 17th Meeting

Chris Hayashi of the Dept of Elections demonstrated the new voting machines and distributed sample ballots.

We had a very active discussion on whether or not to support the CUP for the transitional housing facility at 2500 Market. Margot Antonetty of DPH and neighbors of 2500 participated. EVPA voted 14-0-3 to support the CUP with  conditions.

UPDATE: The hearing on the CUP is now rescheduled for September 7th.

We discussed plans by Ernie of Cliff's Variety to merge and expand his 2 buildings. Neighbors to the rear on Hartford Street were concerned about loss of light and possible noise. EVPA will support the CUP with the condition that the spaces be re-divided if Cliff's should ever vacate them.

UPDATE: At the Aug. 24th hearing the Planning Commission granted the permit with EVPA's conditions. Ernie also modified his plan after input from neighbors, to allow more sunlight to be preserved.

Highlights from EVPA July 20th

We discussed the monster homes issue, in particular Collingwood Street. EVPA voted 9-0-3 to support the Collingwood Neighbors in their filing for DR on 350 Collingwood. Both neighbors and owners/architect Mark and Tia Pierce made presentations.

UPDATE: At the very last moment, the Pierces and neighbors came to an agreement, and DR was averted.

Also discussed were the SF Prize Competition for Harvey Milk Plaza, EVPA Good Neighbor Award, the MUNI Eureka Portals, & plans for EVRC renovations.

Harvey Milk Plaza in 1945
Photo: SF Library History Room


Pink Cloud' Envisioned for Milk Plaza in Design Competition

The 5 Milk Plaza winners will be on view from Sept 19 to Oct. 6  on the lower level of SF City Hall. The competition, which drew over 120 entries, resulted in 2 grand prize winners Christian Werthmann's 'Pink Cloud' design & Heidi Sokolowsky's 60 ft. electronic billboard on the seam of the site.

Rapid Change in our Valley: Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Requests  Proliferate

Leases for three of the largest retail spaces in the neighborhood are in varying stages of negotiation. All would require CUPs and extensive renovation/retrofitting.

Two of these spaces, currently empty, are the former Headlines location on Castro which is the target of Good Vibrations for a new  branch of the popular 'sex positive' coop company. While 2362 Market, the former location of Under One Roof and The Names Project, is being sought by Long Life Noodle and Jook Joint for another  branch of their popular Metreon restaurant.

The third space, which has been occupied by the Valley Pride Market for the last 20 years, is proposed to become a branch of Pleasure Chest.

The addition of a large full service restaurant  to the neighborhood has the potential to effect many of our smaller neighborhood serving restaurants.

Come to our meeting to make your wishes known on these issues.

Agenda for Thursday September 21st Meeting

  • Volunteers Sign up For Castro Street Fair-Volunteers needed to man the gates collecting donations to help fund Pink Triangle

  • Proposed CUP for former Headlines location requested by Good Vibrations-Proposed  location for Good Vibrations store in the Castro. Would offer evening classes & events.

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