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November 2000 Vol. 119, No. 11


Public Forum On Harvey Milk Plaza

A forum to discuss the winning designs for HM  Plaza will be held this Wednesday, November 15 at the SF War Memorial Green Room, 401 Van Ness Ave. An exhibition of the top 15 designs begins at 5:30 p.m. followed by presentation and discussion from 6-7:30 p.m. The top 5 designers chosen will be on hand to answer questions and speak about their visions for the plaza. More information is available at

Highlights from EVPA October Meeting

Geordy Murphy of Long Life Noodle Company presented his plans for a CUP for 2362 Market to open a branch of his restaurant. EVPA voted (12 y, 1 n, and 0 a) to support his request with 2 conditions: No valet parking is to be allowed & charcoal filters will be installed on the kitchen ventilation system.

Lion reported that Castro Street Fair (CSF) will be distributing $46,417 among the 15 groups which collected donations at the entrance gates. Update: EVPA will receive $2,114.93 which will be used to improve Pink Triangle Park.

The Castro Meeting Room to be located on the 2nd floor at  511 Castro Street has received initial funding. Rich McRee requested that EVPA examine our use of this space.

Herb, Joe, Mike, Pauline & Gustavo reported on the wonderful transformation that began on Oct. 21st to Pink Triangle Park.

Supervisor Mark Leno joined us  for a brief but intense discussion of his proposed  Monster Homes legislation.  The redrawing of the boundaries for the Special Use District (SUD), which eliminated the northern half of Eureka Valley, was the focus of much of the lively discussion. The northern boundary would now be at 18th Street. Many people were upset that much of our neighborhood  had been excluded without an explanation. EVPA members will work to become part of the group that shapes this new legislation so that the original boundaries can be restored and the height, bulk and square foot issues are adequately addressed.  Leno's plan for possible redevelopment of gas stations into housing in transit corridors was briefly discussed.


Pink Triangle Park Memorial

Photo: Lion Barnett

Next meeting Thursday, November 16th 7:30PM
Eureka Valley Recreation Center, 100 Collingwood


Agenda for Thursday November 16th Meeting

  • Neighborhood Safety Discussion - Police Capt. Roth of Mission Station & Capt. Dudley of Park Station and representatives from DPW will attend to help us create solutions for misuse of open space and other safety problems.

  • Discussion of Housing Density/Usage - Proposed building permit to convert a 2 unit bldg. to a single unit at 4616 18th Street. Scott Larrimer, owner / resident to attend. Also discussion of deterioration of 4320 18th Street property.

  • Nominations for EVPA Officers - Nominations welcomed for those who wish to stand for election in January as EVPA officers in 2001.  Confirmation of Mike Babbitt to serve as interim Secretary.

  • Presentation on White Zone for Red Grill at 4063 18th Street-Greg Bronstein will present his plans for a white zone and Valet Parking for his 18th Street restaurant. DPT permit hearing is scheduled for Tues. Nov. 21.

  • Updates on: Pink Triangle Park, Long Life Noodle, Harvey Milk Plaza, Monster Homes Legislation, Gas Station rezoning and others.

Pink Triangle Park Blooms!
Rose Bush Planting at Pink Triangle Park

On Saturday, October 21st over 20 neighbors worked to clean up and replant Pink Triangle Park at the intersection of Market and 17th Streets.  With help from a sheriff's work crew, DPW, Rec & Park they planted 40 rose bushes and 30 rosemary plants in this first phase of the park's reclamation. Regan's Nursery of Hayward generously donated the roses, John of Hortica donated 30 bags of compost, and Long Life Noodle donated lunch.  Since then a new pathway through the park has been constructed and an additional 7 rose bushes (thanks Joe) have been planted.  Future phases call for the installation of a decorative fence on the 17th Street side and the addition of new trees.

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