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January 2001 Vol. 120, No. 1


I am very proud of the time and effort I have put into working with our City's elected officials and various departments to make known the concerns and wishes of the Eureka Valley/Castro neighbors, and I feel that I have earned the respect of Supervisors, Planners, engineers, and others.

I feel that I am an excellent facilitator at our meetings where sometimes opposing points of view need to be brought together in a short period of time in order to pursue the many items on our agenda.

I hope you'll vote to re-elect me as President of EVPA.


Gustavo Serina

A 22 year resident of the Castro, I was an active member of the committee formed in response to the proposed drop-in shelter at 2500 Market Street for homeless young adults, working countless hours in developing an alternative recommendation. I joined the intense negotiations with Ark of The Refuge, DPH, Supervisor Leno's office, and private attorneys that resulted in the contract and conditional use permit attachments for "Transitional Housing" that will open at that location. Consequently, our neighborhood should avoid the problems encountered when the EVRC was used to house the same population in 1999, while assisting those in need.

I have good working relationships with Sup. Leno, MUMC President Patrick Batt, Capt. Roth of Mission Police, and have attended meetings with Mayor Brown and DA Hallinan to address neighborhood issues.

I am a member of the committee working to transform the Triangle Park at Market, 17th and Castro Streets into a rose-filled memorial for victims murdered by Nazis because of their sexual orientation.

I recently retired from Bank of America, where I worked for 19 years and was a Vice-President. As "Tavo Amadorl," I am a contributing arts writer for the The BAR.  I will present my ideas about the EVPA at our January meeting.

Update on 2500 Market Facility

The 7 member 2500 Market Neighborhood Advisory Group tasked with responding to neighborhood issues arising from the 2 year, temporary homeless facility at 2500 Market has been meeting for the past 2 months (at LYRIC on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays) Public comment is welcomed and encouraged at each meeting. Neighborhood concerns such as litter, vagrancy, panhandling, etc. can be can be brought to the Group's attention via email and voicemail for discussion and action.

Visit the web site to view minutes  and contact information for each member:  The facility is scheduled to open in mid-February, and the client intake process will begin in the coming weeks.


Next meeting Thursday, January 18th  7:30PM
Eureka Valley Recreation Center, 100 Collingwood


Elections!   EVPA to Elect Officers at January 18th Meeting

Dear Fellow Eurekans,

You may have thought that you were through voting for awhile. But EVPA has elections coming up at our January meeting.

Please join us on Thursday the 18th January and vote for the candidates who you feel will best represent YOUR concerns and interests. With many new members elected to the SF Board of Supervisors, the voice of the community will be heard clearer than ever. EVPA has been an active neighborhood advocate since 1881, and we plan to continue our work for the next century!

-- Lion Barnett, President

Current nominees for EVPA Officers in 2001:

  • President:  Lion Barnett  and  Gustavo Serina 

  • Vice-President: Gerald Abbott

  • Secretary:  Mike Babbitt Treasurer: Heide Chipp

Candidate Statements:

Lion Barnett

I believe EVPA should support all of the residents of the Eureka Valley, both owners and renters, by making sure that this spectacular neighborhood is maintained as a livable, efficient, safe, and perpetually improving place to live.

Therefore my concerns focus on issues like the mix of businesses in the commercial zones, the impacts of permit applications, parking and traffic, MUNI service, and anything else that affects our area. I have worked very hard to establish and improve EVPA's relationships with our sibling associations of merchants (MUMC), Duboce residents (DTNA), and planners (CAPA), which gives us a more united voice. And I have helped to make the Castro Street Fair more responsive and beneficial to the community.

I secured the commitment and funding for 5 years for a Community Room from Pottery Barn.

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