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February 2001 Vol. 120, No. 2


And I feel the members have assured us that they are a vigorous and assertive group who wish to enhance EVPA's reputation in the neighborhood and with our city agencies. Much of the discussion on election night focused on the availability of EVPA's by-laws and the membership roster.

As we begin the new year's work of our organization, in addition to discussing issues as we have always done, we will also be discussing our internal policies and procedures. Members can expect increased email updates and notifications.

And I hope that lots of our long standing and new members take part in our discussions, at our monthly meetings and online, to make sure that EVPA truly represents our neighborhood's concerns and interests.

If we don't yet have you on our email list, please send a message to Lion And of course, our printed newsletter will continue to be mailed to all members.

-- Lion Barnett, President

Historic Building Survey

On Thursday, February  8, at  the regular CAPA monthly meeting, a group of planners presented information on how to embark on a survey of cultural resources in the Eureka Valley.

Staff from the City's Planning Department explained the preparations, procedures, forms, and costs of these type  of surveys, which can cost approximately $250 per building in the selected area.

Left unclear was the exact benefit of such a survey. One benefit could be the foundation for the creation of an historic district, or as a possible tool in the prevention of demolition of significant or valuable buildings.

If we in EVPA are interested in pursuing such a survey, we would need to have discussions on the purpose and value of this urban planning tool, weighing its goal, costs, and requirements in volunteer hours.


McCreery Library at 16th and Pond Streets

Original Eureka Valley library, destroyed by 1958 earthquake

photo: SF Library  History Room.

Next meeting Thursday, February 15th  7:30PM
Eureka Valley Recreation Center, 100 Collingwood


Check out our new web site

Roger Yates designed and set up EVPA's original web site over 3 years ago. EVPA was one of the first neighborhood organizations to go online. For the last two months Roger has been dedicated to relocating and revamping the site. While it is still under construction, it has a wealth of new features that are already up and running.

You can download membership applications, EVPA by-laws, historical data going back to the 1960s, plus links to other neighborhood organizations  and city departments.

As this site develops, EVPA members and others will be able to use it to read and print minutes from our meetings and information on our activities.

President's Notes

The 2001 election of officers was probably one of the more interesting in EVPA's recent  history. I will be proud to serve with my fellow officers, Gerald as Vice-president, Mike as our new Secretary, and Heide as Treasurer.

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