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March 2001 Vol. 120, No. 3


The committees suggested in our by-laws, some of which have been renamed by the Board, are:

  • Promotion and Membership             

  • Planning

  • Education and Recreation

  • Utilities, Transportation, Neighborhood Commerce

  • Public Health and Safety

  • Finance

Internal Development

At two meetings of the new Board of Directors, we began the task of discussing what our role will be, prepared an agenda, and chose committees to join. It is our hope and expectation that most EVPA members will join the committees that most appeal to their skills and interests, so that all of us will be working together as involved, active members of the Association. At our March meeting, the committees will be introduced and members will have the chance to join.


The Officers and Board Members look forward to seeing you at the March 15th meeting, and also hope to see you at upcoming committee meetings.

-- Lion Barnett, President


Highlights from February Meeting

In addition to the elections described elsewhere in this newsletter, the Monster Homes issue was discussed with an update on Supervisor Leno's Special Use District (SUD) proposal. Lion Barnett and Judy Hoyem gave an update on the negotiations between neighbors and Leno's office. A city-wide SUD has been abandoned in favor of one covering only District 8. Changiz Khazeni will team with Judy in subsequent meetings.

The development of 567 Sanchez was discussed. The membership approved submission of a letter supporting the Sanchez Hill Neighborhood Association in their efforts at appealing the decision denying DR to the Board of Supervisors.

Das Deutsche Hospital was built on same site as CPMC.

Photo: collection of CPMC/Davies Hospital

Next meeting Thursday, March 15th 7:30PM
Eureka Valley Recreation Center, 100 Collingwood


President's Message

At our last meeting, EVPA members nominated and elected a Corresponding Secretary and Board of Directors to fill positions that had previously been left vacant. When our association was operating with very few active members, we sometimes did not even have enough participants at meetings to be the six directors. And for years our Secretary was both Recording and Corresponding.

Gerald and I did much of the work. However, we now seem to have general membership meetings with 30 or more members, and so will be able to operate in a much more formal manner in accordance with our own by-laws.

The full list of EVPA Officers and Board Members is:

  • President, Lion Barnett

  • Vice-President, Gerald Abbott

  • Treasurer, Heide Chipp

  • Recording Secretary, Mike Babbitt

  • Corresponding Secretary, Gustavo Serina

  • Board members: Judy Hoyem, Joe Foster, Nila Camino, Andrew Bertagnolli, Michael Crawford, Herb Cohn

  • Immediate Past President, Rachel Heyman

In addition, we are re-instituting the use of committees to handle much of the association's business. The purpose of the committees is to develop guidelines for EVPA's responses to various neighborhood issues, and therefore to address matters either before they come to the general membership, or when the membership sends them to committee for more research. Of course, this procedure requires a rather lengthy timeline, so many concerns will still be dealt with at the monthly meeting, though hopefully with the help of committee comment and policy.

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